Martifer undertakes the commitment of Improving  Clients’, Shareholders’ and Employees’ satisfaction and establishing relationships sustained with their macro and microenvolvent, with the purpose of standing itself by technological capacity, vanguard and social responsibility, distinguishing itself amongst the other competitors and acting so that each client and the society in general, by its satisfaction, should recommend our products and services.

With this respect, it undertakes:

- The constant concern in identifying and corresponding to the requirements and expectations of clients at the present and future;
- To promote an integrated vision of the clients, employees and suppliers in the structure of the Management System and assure the fulfillment of the contractual requirements;
- To promote the development of the people of the organization by improving the levels of awareness, training and competence of the employees;
- To promote the participation of all the co-workers in the objectives assumed by the company trough training and awareness, promotion of team work and the improvement of the internal communication;
- The development of relationships that are mutually profitable with the suppliers;
- The internal development of relationships client/supplier as a way of continuous improvement;
- Gradual and continuous reduction of the costs of failure;
- To guarantee the compliance of the established System requirements, according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001;
- Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Group Management System trough better usage of available resources and technologies;
- To comply with the legal and regulated requirements applicable to the products, services and activities;
- The continuous improvement of the health and safety conditions at the workplace, namely by identifying hazards and assessing and controlling the risks associated to the activities, preventing the accidents and providing a larger comfort in the work execution, providing the means of protection and the information required to minimize the exposure to certain risk factors that could not be removed;
- Continuous improvement of the environmental performance through the identification and control of environmental aspects that the organization controls, associated to the products and activities of the company to eliminate or minimize the environmental impacts, preventing pollution;
- Search of achieving of competitive advantages trough projects that lead to a significant increase of productivity;
- Keep an efficient allocation of the resources to the different activities, in way to create value for the shareholder, monitoring the economic and financial performance of each business line, improving continuously the processes, in way to gradually increase the productivity of the productive factors.